Bob Vorlicek is vice president, national development and network supply chain, for T-Mobile.
On Base: One of the biggest innovations coming soon is 5G. What’s something we may not know about 5G?
Vorlicek: 5G will possibly be the most transformative technology of our time. The implications for the defense community are immense, and many believe it’s the cornerstone for future military technology. With a split-second reaction time, 5G will enable things like real-time language translation, remote surgery, augmented reality and machine-to-machine communication or the Internet of Things.
On Base: What are you doing to help defense communities be ready?
Vorlicek: We continue to heavily invest in expansion and densification of our LTE network, which is the foundation for 5G in communities around the U.S. – including military bases. Using 5G, T-Mobile will develop services that enable a range of industries to offer innovative solutions, including enterprises, utilities, transportation, health, manufacturing, retail, agriculture and government.
On Base: How did it become a priority to help military families stay connected?
Vorlicek: T-Mobile is a Designated Military Friendly Employer, and we have a long-standing commitment to serving our military veterans and their families. The company is dedicated to hiring 10,000 veterans and spouses over the next five years. And we launched T-Mobile One Military – our biggest discount ever for families.
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