More than 50 U.S. city mayors have signed a joint letter to top Senate Appropriations Committee lawmakers in support of funding the Defense Community Infrastructure Program (DCIP) in upcoming fiscal 2020 defense appropriations.
The draft, currently in circulation for additional signatures, will be delivered to Appropriations Committee Chairman Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ark.) and Defense Subcommittee Ranking Member Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), urging the key lawmakers to commit the critical DCIP funding as authorized in the fiscal 2019 NDAA.
If funded, community infrastructure projects for transportation, schools, hospitals, police, fire, emergency response, water, wastewater, telecommunications, electric, gas, or other utility infrastructure would be eligible for consideration.
The letter highlights the overarching importance that reliable, desirable community infrastructure plays as a key quality of life issue for military families.
“Quality of life for military families is a priority for the state and local communities that enjoy the privilege of hosting military installations and should also be a priority for the federal government,” the letter states.
The letter further emphasizes the impact that quality defense community infrastructure has on impacting installation resiliency and readiness.
“We believe community infrastructure deficiencies directly impacts military readiness and federal funding to address these deficiencies will enhance military value, resilience, and military qualify of life at our nation’s military installations,” the letter adds.
Earlier this summer, The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) unanimously passed a members’ resolution supporting DCIP at their 87th Annual Meeting in Honolulu, as On Base previously reported.
The USCM endorsement of DCIP came after the formal resolution was advanced by Everett, Wash., Mayor Cassie Franklin, author of the current letter in circulation.
For more information on DCIP and to join other mayors signing the letter, contact ADC Chief Operating Officer Matt Borron at:
ADC image provided by Will Noonan