Relying on another continuing resolution instead of formal appropriations bills poses real risks to the Army’s readiness, Army Sec. Ryan McCarthy has told reporters.
Continuing resolutions have become more common in D.C. in recent years, but McCarthy says it’s different this time because more than half of the Army’s brigades are in the highest stage of readiness.
“We have much more to lose this time,” he said, according to CQ. “We have momentum.”
Congressional leaders seem to have a tentative agreement to complete all spending negotiations by the end of the year.
“The longer [the CR] goes, I think it can definitely impact the schedule.” McCarthy said during a recent trip to Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., according to Defense News. “If it bleeds into the next calendar year, you can look at a day-for-day slip.”
Army photo of Secretary Ryan McCarthy, right, by Sgt. Dana Clarke