Members of the Oklahoma National Guard race to respond to the coronavirus outbreak in Guymon, Oklahoma, the state’s second-most affected city after Oklahoma City. 

Guymon has nearly 650 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Compared to Oklahoma’s rate of 1.4 cases per 1,000 residents, Guymon’s rate is 57.6 cases per 1,000 residents. A National Guard news article traces most of the infections originating from Seaboard Foods pork processing plant, which was an essential business open during the pandemic.  

“I really appreciate the National Guard coming out and being so willing. Most people don’t come to Guymon, Oklahoma, and they’ve all been great. They’ve stayed and worked through the weekends and everything else. So I’m very, very thankful for them,” said Terri Salisbury, Oklahoma State Department of Health regional director. 

The Oklahoma National Guard has been working closely with the Oklahoma State Department of Health by aiding in testing, volunteer contact tracing, decontaminating long-term care facilities, and delivering supplies. 

Salisbury predicts Guymon’s infection curve to “flatten” within two weeks.  

Photo by Tech. Sgt. Kasey Phipps