Assistant Secretary of Defense (ASD) for Sustainment W. Jordan Gillis recently provided an update of the 18 Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) Housing Tenant Bill of Rights released on February 25, 2020.  

“I am pleased to announce that the first 14 rights in the MHPI Tenant Bill of Rights are fully available to military servicemembers and their families who are tenants of MHPI housing (Tenants) at the vast majority of installations,” said Gillis in a DoD memo 

With regards to the 15th right(common forms and documents) the DoD says that it is in the progress of “creating a universal lease with common terms and schedules.” 

The final three rights are: access to maintenance history, process for dispute resolution, and withholding of rent until disputes are resolved. 

Gillis said he would provide an update to the remaining rights in the near future 

“You have my personal commitment that expeditious implementation of the 18 MHPI Tenant rights set out in the FY 2020 NOAA remains my top priority, and that I will continue to do everything possible to enhance and sustain the overall tenant experience with MHPI housing,” wrote Gillis. 

Photo by Art Powell, Marine Corps