As part of its annual flagship event, the U.S. Air Force’s technology accelerator AFWERX has invited hundreds of companies to showcase solutions to build the base of the future.

The initiative is part of the AFWERX Fusion event being held July 28-30.

“The cornerstone of this discussion for the week is “Base of the Future,” starting with all the things that have to happen at Tyndall Air Force Base for looking to build that base in the future,” said Col. Nathan Diller, director of the Air Force’s innovation hub AWERX to Breaking Defense. “What better place to start than a base that has been decimated?”

The “Base of the Future” challenge is broken down into six categories including improving base security; increasing installation resilience; and leveraging technology for operational effectiveness.

Selected teams will have the opportunity to pitch and discuss their solutions with leaders across the Air Force and Department of Defense.

U.S. Air Force photo by Bridget Bennett