Director of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) Tom Brady (no relation to Patriot’s quarterback) announced that the Pentagon will be reopening 160 classrooms this fall, with virtual schooling offered to all students.

The decision to open in-person instruction will be based on local coronavirus conditions, Stars and Stripes reports.

“The safety of students and our teachers is most important and the imperative to get children back to class for learning,” said Brady. He said the decision is “not taken lightly.”

But not everyone in the military community is on board with the DODEA’s open decision to send children back to the classroom… others have much higher standards for our future generation of warriors.

The Duffel Blog suggests an extreme physical education challenge to weed out the weak. Namely the author says teaming kids up with Green Beret training personnel would help “determine if a child is worthy.”

While the Association of Defense Communities appreciates the shout-out in the satire piece, ADC does not promote grueling feats of strength activities for our nation’s little ones.

Officials estimate nearly 70,000 DODEA students will return to the classroom, including 8,700 educators. Although social distancing and face masks will be a necessity, burpees are not a requirement.

Photo by Brian Ferguson/Stars and Stripes