The Knox Regional Development Alliance (KRDA) recently announced a new partnership with Kentucky Career Center and Fort Knox to better serve the military spouse community with career development when moving to the region.

“Statistics say that upwards of 70 percent of job opportunities don’t come from a job board but rather from professional relationships that military spouses, being new to the community, typically don’t have,” said KRDA CEO Brig. Gen. Retired Jim Iacocca in a press release.

Along with Fort Knox and Kentucky Career Centers – Lincoln Trail (KCC-LT), the program also partners with Lincoln Trail Workforce Development Board (LTWDB).

“We are tapping into our caring, supportive community to help our military spouses connect with organizations and people who may open the door to a new employment opportunity. As expected, the community response was immediate and overwhelming and we couldn’t be more grateful,” said Iacocca.

The “three-step process” provided to participants include a short questionnaire, proactive career coaching and professional networking opportunities.

“In 2018, the Association of Defense Communities named the Fort Knox region a Great American Defense Community so it comes as no surprise to me that our community would set the bar high when it comes to supporting military spouses,” said U.S. Navy veteran and state representative Dean Schamore in the KRDA release. “You won’t find a more committed, patriotic and caring community.”

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera/Marine Corps