The House Appropriations Committee voted 30-22 to approve the nearly $695 billion defense spending package on Tuesday.

The bill is a $1.3 billion increase in defense spending levels from fiscal 2020, CQ reports.

Republican members of the committee voiced opposition to provisions in the bill which are deemed to provoke President Donald Trump to veto the bill. This includes provisions regarding renaming bases currently named after Confederate general, as well as limiting border wall funding.

Also adopted in the vote were were two war-related amendments authored by California Rep. Barbara Lee. The first would block U.S. military force against Iran without Congressional approval.

The second amendment would repeal 2001 authorization of military force against those who attacked the United States that same year. Lee says the statute, which is still in use, provides “a blank check to wage endless wars.”

Photo by James Varhegyi/U.S. Air Force