In a testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, Army General Mark Milley supported the initiative to rename 10 Army installations currently taking their namesake from Confederate generals.

“I personally think that the original decisions to name those bases after Confederate generals … those were political decisions …100 years ago,” said Milley. “And they’re going to be political decisions today.”

While Milley’s position on renaming align with many members of Congress and military leaders, the opinion opposes that of President Donald Trump, Military Times reports.

The recent push to rename bases has gained recent steam resulting from national race inequality protests after the killing of George Floyd of Minneapolis police on May 25.

“The American Civil War was fought — and it was an act of rebellion, it was an act of treason at the time — against the union, against the stars and stripes, against the U.S. Constitution,” said Milley. “And those officers turned their back on their oath.”

Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP