The Senate passed its annual defense bill on Thursday which includes legislation to remove Confederate names from Army installations in the United States.

Both the House’s NDAA, passed on July 21, and the Senate’s defense policy bill were voted with majorities large enough to contest a veto from the White House, Politico reports.

Negotiations will soon begin between leadership of the Senate and House armed service committees to resolve differences in the bills.

“We’ll work to make sure this is a bipartisan conference report that both sides can support and the president can sign,” said James M. Inhofe, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The president has repeated that he would not sign a version of the defense bill which included language to rename Confederate Army installations; of which there are currently 10 in the United States.

“The way we win against our adversaries is by making sure fights never start by sending a strong message that you can’t win. Don’t even try,” said Inhofe. “That’s what were doing in this bill.”

Photo by Alex Brandon/AP