A 2.4-mile recreational trail was recently completed at Fort Campbell which was funded by $575,000 of recyclables collected at the base.

Fort Campbell’s Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) collects recyclables on the installation and sells the materials to fund quality of life projects.

“That money came from nowhere else,” said Rob Anderson, QRP manager, in article by the U.S. Army. “If recycling didn’t exist on Fort Campbell to the extent that we do exist here, that project probably would not have received any money and probably would have never became a project.”

Recycled materials ranged from aluminum cans to brass used on Fort Campbell’s firing ranges.

The project took about three years of planning. Col. Joseph Kuchan, former Fort Campbell garrison commander and then-chairman of QRP, approved the project.

“Any time we can do an enhancement or an improvement to a facility on Fort Campbell to make off-duty life better for Soldiers and their Family members or retirees, it is a good thing,”  said Anderson.

Photo by Fort Campbell Directorate of Public Works, U.S. Army, release