A recent evaluation conducted by the Department of Defense Inspector General found “DoD did not consistently meet outpatient mental health access to care standards.”

The report was conducted between December 2018 to June 2019.

“Military service, especially combat, can carry a psychological cost for the DoD military members and their families who support them. The DoD has the responsibility to effectively identify and treat mental health conditions through a consistent standard of care,” wrote auditors in the report.

Specifically, IG found 7 of 13 medical treatment facilities (MTFs) or their supporting TRICARE network (purchased care system) did not meet the specialty mental health access to care standard each month.

Furthermore the study found 53 percent of active duty service members and their families who sought mental or referred to mental health care did not receive care.

Also a concern highlighted in the report were delays on receiving care, “The delays may have involved numerous members not being able to: (1) see the right provider at the right time, (2) obtain mental health care at all, or (3) receive timely follow-up treatment.”

Photo by Military OneSource