In recent years the Department of Defense has started to experience the destructive nature of climate change. For military installations in Alaska, bases are already seeing the effects first-hand of warming weather across the globe.

One example is at Eielson Air Force Base, which is located south of Fairbanks.

The frozen ground below a munitions depot has started to melt, causing structural damage and cracks in the foundation. The result of which, ultimately, is the entire structure will begin to “slide” towards the installations below, Anchorage Daily News reports.

“They filled it in over the years to try and preserve it,” said Jason Stormont, the project manager for the facility. “It wasn’t feasible to restore it so we’re going to (demolish) the entire building to the ground,” said Stormont.

The cost of the facility rebuild will run $15.5 million.

Other military installations are facing similar issues arising from melting permafrost, including Clean Air Force Base and Fort Wainwright.

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Photo by Sara Karlovitch