Since the implementation of an Air Force emission software, over 60 military bases are not only benefiting from increased air quality, but it is estimated the service will see savings of over $11.8 million annually.

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center launched the Employee-vehicle Certification and Reporting System, or ECARS, in 2013.

“ECARS helps the Air Force comply with mandatory Clean Air Act requirements in areas that do not meet air quality standards for ozone and carbon monoxide,” said Frank Castaneda of AFCEC to DVIDs. “In these locations, federal facilities must provide proof that privately owned vehicles, operated by federal employees, comply with local inspection and maintenance requirements.”

Prior to ECARS, the Air Force relied on the vehicle decal program, where employees were required to provide proof of registration, insurance and an emissions test to obtain a decal. This program was discontinued after 9/11 due to security concerns.

U.S. Army Photo