In order to better understand the U.S. Air Force’s recently released Support of Military Report, ADC hosted a virtual town hall on September 8 to better understand the service’s on-going work to improve quality of life for the nation’s service members.

The report highlighted two areas affecting Air Force families: license portability and public education in defense communities.

“We applaud the Air Force in taking this important first step,” said ADC President Joe Driskill in his introductory marks in the town hall. “The conversation that will help all our communities provide the type of support our military families deserve.”

The results of the assessment, the report stipulates, will help the Air Force make better-informed future basing decision. Additionally, the assessment would help commanders in “incentivize community efforts to reduce educational and spousal employment challenges for military families.”

For a full recording of the event, please visit ADC’s Knowledge Online for Defense Communities.