Six pieces of legislation have been passed by the House of Representatives introduced to the floor by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

  1. H.R. 3010- Honoring All Veterans Act (Rice, Mast): directs VA to modify its current exclusionary motto to recognize the service of women and LGBTQ veterans throughout our country’s history.
  2. H.R. 4908 – Native American PACT Act, as amended (Gallego): prohibits VA from collecting a copayment from any veteran who is a member of a tribe– copays that never should have happened because of US treaty obligations to native people.
  3. H.R. 6589 – Department of Veterans Affairs Chief Financial Officer Authority and Collaboration Act of 2020, as amended (Lee): holds VA leadership accountable in their efforts to fix VA’s financial system that sometimes leaves VA vulnerable to risk and bad financial decisions.
  4. H.R. 3228 – VA Mission Telehealth Clarification Act, as amended (Carter): corrects an error in the MISSION Act by allowing VA trainees to use the telemedicine system.
  5. H.R. 6092 – Veteran’s Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Actas amended (Cunningham, Dunn): creates a standardized clinical pathway for prostate cancer detection and treatment for veterans at VA.
  6. H.R. 7795 – Veterans Benefits Fairness and Transparency Act of 2020 (Luria, Barr): protects veterans applying for VA disability benefits by requiring the VA to maintain availability of disability benefits questionnaires (DBQs) on the VA website.

Photo by Minority Veterans of America