Although there are no additional details on which installations will benefit, the service announced plans to construct 3,800 new homes and renovate nearly 18,000 units at Army bases, Stars and Stripes reports.

“We’ve still got a long way to go. We have energy and wind at our backs right now, but we still have a long haul in front of us,” Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Thursday during a call with reporters to discuss quality-of-life issues.

Over the past two years occupants of Army housing have reported wide complaints ranging from exposure to lead paint, mold and asbestos; pest and insect infestations; and poor maintenance. As a result, Congress created a Tenant Bill of Rights, which guarantees base housing residents 18 specific rights related to the quality of housing in February.

McCarthy says the $2.8 billion builds on a $500 million investment last fall.

“Over about 18 months or so, we’ve vastly improved our management, our communication with the [private] companies, we’ve empowered installation commanders, particularly where they are the ones that drive the decision on incentive award fee, so they can really hold the contract contracting companies accountable,” said McCarthy.

Photo by Senior Airman Yash Rojas/Air Force