The report includes new Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act reporting requirements, and represents the Department’s continued commitment to provide timely information on this critical issue and transparency on our efforts.

“The loss of every life is heartbreaking, and each suicide carries a deeply personal story.  Every suicide has wide-reaching impacts on families, friends, peers, the broader military community, and the nation as a whole.” said Dr. Elizabeth Van Winkle, executive director of the Office of Force Resiliency.

“Preventing these tragedies is one of our foremost priorities, and we are working to help all Service members understand that if they ever feel alone, they are not.  The Department offers a variety of resources, including confidential options, to help support members as they navigate life’s inevitable challenges.”

Read the the results of the report including data, prevention efforts, and resources on the Department of Defense’s website.

Photo by US Army National Guard/Sgt. Roger Jackson