Items including pharmacy costs and deductibles will remain the relatively the same (with some exceptions) for service members and family members enrolled in the Defense Health Agency’s Tricare program, Military Times reports.

An exception is a sharp monthly enrollment fees cost increases for those in Tricare Young Adult, and retirees in Tricare Select Group A (who must start paying an enrollment fee in 2021). Those in Tricare Young Adult program will pay $459 per month for Prime, an increase of 22 percent. The new Tricare Select fee for retirees in Group A ranges from 0 to $150 a year for individuals and $300 for families.

Currently about 4.9 million DoD beneficiaries enrolled in Tricare Prime plans, and approximately 2.1 million enrolled in Tricare Select plans.

Costs related to non-network inpatient hospitalization care are expected to be released in December.

Photo by Jacob Sippel/Navy