A recently signed intergovernmental support agreement (IGSA) between Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) and the County of Ventura is expected to save government spending, increase Navy operational efficiencies and enhance mission effectiveness, DVIDs reports.

The IGSA supports an ongoing program with Ventura County Public Works Roads and Transportation (VCPWA-RT) to provide road maintenance services to the base.

The program provides up to $1 million of reimbursable road maintenance services to NBVC annually and will streamline the contracting process to provide faster maintenance response.

“VCPWA-RT’s partnership will provide numerous services to NBVC which include paving, road repair, road maintenance, signage and other related services,” said David Fleisch, Director of VCPWA-RT, and a retired Navy Civil Engineer Corps officer. “We are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership that will serve the best interests of the County, NBVC and the community.”

This is the second IGSA signed between Ventura Country and NBVC; in May 2018, the partners signed its first IGSA for full-service maintenance and repairs for heavy equipment and vehicles.

“The Navy has a long history in Ventura County and currently is the largest employer with more than a $2 billion impact on the local economy. This agreement further strengthens the cooperation between Ventura County and the Navy, leading to greater efficiencies and savings to taxpayers,” said Capt. Jeff Chism, Commanding Officer, Naval Base Ventura County.

Photo by NBVC