Progress is being made on one of the remaining four remaining tenant bill of rights, providing a seven-year maintenance history of a residence before renting it to a military family, Stars and Stripes reports.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy confirmed a pilot program to provide maintenance history started in October. The remaining four (of 18) rights include: right to withhold rent until disputes are resolved, a clearly defined dispute resolution process, seven years of work history records and a standard lease.

“The pilot programs at these installations are still in the first few weeks of implementation,” said Lt. Col. Driece Harris, McCarthy’s spokeswoman. Driece said that the pilot is currently proceeding at Army, Air Force and Navy bases, but didn’t specify which ones.

“We will work with [private housing] companies to review the results of the pilot and make adjustments as needed to meet the needs of soldiers and their families,” she said.

According to Stars and Stripes, McCarthy’s office has not elaborated when the pilot program would be completed or expanded to additional installations.

Photo by U.S. Air Force // Tech Sgt. Kevin Wallace