Addressing the virtual Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) summit, President-elect Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, affirmed her commitment to military families and their children.

“Joe and I have always believed that, as a nation, we have many obligations. But we only have one truly sacred obligation: to properly prepare and equip our troops when we send them into harm’s way. And to care for them and their families, both while they are deployed and after they return home,” said Biden.

She is familiar with education issues facing the nation; Biden is a community college professor and plans to continue teaching while serving as first lady.

In 2011 former first lady Michelle Obama and Biden established Joining Forces. The national initiative was created to support military families and veterans. The program focused on employment, wellness and mental health, education and transitions, reports.

Biden expanded Joining Forces with “Operation Educate the Educators” in 2012. The initiative was effort to raise awareness among teachers about the challenges military kids face in their classrooms.

“Your sacrifice deserves nothing less,” said Biden, adding that she is “ready to work for you.”

Photo by Cpl. Victor Corro