A nearly $42 million contract awarded on Aug. 21 for the construction of the U.S. Air Force’s Cyberworx facility at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado is scheduled to begin in Spring 2021.

The contractor, Bryan Construction Inc. of Colorado Springs is scheduled to finish the project by late Summer 2023.

“The need for innovation across every mission area is never ending and in our line of work, there is no such thing as full operational capability. With cyber innovation, one would think that since it is a virtual realm, it should be easy to ideate and deliver novel solutions with teammates from all over the globe,” said Cyberworx Director Col. Bill Waynick. “That’s not necessarily case, especially with the complex challenges we receive from across the Department of Defense.”

The Department of Defense commissioned Cyberworx in 2016. The new 42,000 square foot facility will consolidate the organization’s operations and be the focal point for the U.S. Air Force Academy’s cybersecurity program.

“This single facility will bring together all the aspects of CyberWorx and the Cyber curriculum, enhancing collaboration and communication, government and private sector engineers to learn, study, and solve real world Air Force cyber problems,” said John Jaszkowiak, a project manager with the Omaha District.

Photo by Trevor Cokley/U.S. Air Force