The Department of Defense’s Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC), formerly the Office of Economic Adjustment, released a report outlining defense spending by state for the Fiscal Year 2019.

“This analysis helps state and local leaders assess a region’s dependence on defense spending and target assistance to support stronger communities and companies,” according to a DoD press release. Below are the top 10 states for total defense funding in FY19:

RANK    STATE        DEFENSE SPENDING (billions)
1.            California               $66.2
2.            Virginia                  $60.3
3.            Texas                     $54.8
4.            Florida                   $29.8
5.           Maryland                $26.1
6.          Connecticut            $19.7
7.          Pennsylvania          $18.1
8.         Washington             $17.8
9.         Alabama                  $16.0
10.       Massachusetts        $15.8

Also included were the top 10 recipients of defense contracts in Fiscal Year 2019:

RANK    COMPANY              DEFENSE SPENDING (billions)
1.          Lockheed Martin              $45.6
2.          Boeing                             $25.7
3.          Northrop Grumman         $19.5
4.          General Dynamics          $18.6
5.          Raytheon                        $15.7
6.          United Technologies       $10.3
7.          BAE Systems                  $7.3
8.          Huntington Ingalls           $6.7
9.          Humana                          $6.7
10.        L3 Technologies             $4.9

“The report compiled by the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation can be a great tool to state and local officials,” said Ellen Lord, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment. “All of our work is aimed at supporting the National Defense Strategy and this report is key as we look to continue defense reform and modernization efforts.”

Photo by Seaman Jeffery Southerland