The Department of Defense will soon launch its annual Millennium Cohort Family Study which collects data to examine the health and well-being of service members and their families. The long-term research will span multiple decades in an effort to understand the effect of military life on spouses.

Primary participants of the Family Study are the spouses of participants in the Millennium Cohort Study. Participation in the study is voluntary and spouses that are no longer in the service and/or separated from their spouse are encouraged to take the survey.

According to the DoD, “Participation is a critical step in developing programs and interventions to increase the well-being of Service members and their families. It is essential to stay involved with the study even if your spouse separates from the military.”

The study takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, and participants are asked to take a follow-up survey every three to five years, over seven cycles (approximately 21 to 25 years).

Researchers hope to recruit nearly 50,000 participants for the study, Military Times reports.

U.S. Army photo by Pat Molnar