Facebook announced it has recently taken action to actively remove and ban misinformation as it relates to the COVID-19 vaccine, but the damage may require persistent education to remediate the problem.

Despite the military quickly vaccinating its service members, injection rates in the greater defense communities – that are home to 70% of military families – are likely going to face significant obstacles.

While a recent Gallup poll show 58% of Americans would agree to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, a recent survey of military families conducted by Blue Star Families shows a much lower rate – around 33%. Blue Star Families’ survey found that the top two factors influencing a respondent’s willingness to take a vaccine was influenced by distrust of the vaccine development process timeline and concerns about vaccine safety.

BSF and the American Red Cross and recently hosted a town hall on COVID-19 vaccine use within defense communities which featured Dr. Anthony Fauci and first lady Jill Biden. Participants reverberated the urgent need to take the vaccine when available, along with clarifying misconceptions and answering questions about the vaccine.

“Brighter days are close. We need your help,” said Dr. Jill Biden. “That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to mask up, social distance, and get the vaccine when it’s your turn. We can beat this together.”

Photo by Cpl. Karina Lopezmata