Army officials at Fort McNair near Washington D.C. say that there are “credible” threats to military around the base’s Southwest Waterfront. As a result, a new zone is being proposed that would take up one-third of the Washington Channel to enhance base security, Washington Post reports.

Maj. Gen. Omar Jones, commander of the Military District of Washington didn’t cite specific threats, but said the action would deter electronic surveillance.

“The side of the base along the Washington Channel is where we’re most vulnerable,” said Jones.

Discussions on the Fort McNair Proposal began two years ago. According to the Washington Post, “The proposed changes on the Washington Channel would not restrict watercraft traffic from moving in the zone along the base and would not give additional authority to the federal government to restrict traffic in the channel.”

With regards to surveillance, Jones said, “It could be cameras, recording devices, those kind of things that people with bad intent could use from the Washington Channel as they are anchored up the channel.”

Photo by 1st Lt. Miranda Summers Lowe