Governor Charlie Baker signed an executive order that will assist service members and spouses by increasing portability and expediting review when transferring to Massachusetts, WWLP reports.

The order will focus on professions including physical therapists, accountants, engineers, psychologists, barbers and cosmetologists; fields recommended by the U.S. Air Force. Furthermore, the order stipulates that the Division of Professional Licensure work with individual licensing boards to determine if Massachusetts should join any interstate licensing compacts in order to improve portability of licensing.

“Through this Executive Order, our goal is to make the process of transferring professional licenses simpler and more expedient for military personnel and their spouses arriving in Massachusetts,” wrote Baker in a statement. “I want to thank the Department of Defense and the Air Force for their leadership on this important issue and I look forward to finding new ways to help the members of the Armed Forces across all branches and their families as they start the next chapter of their lives in the Commonwealth.”

Finally the order stipulates that license applications for military personnel and their spouses are processed within 30 days.

Photo by Sgt. Jamill Ford