The Association of Defense Communities began its foray into broadcast news on Thursday, reporting relevant defense news across the nation and speaking with experts on key defense community issues.

“What energizes me about this program is an opportunity to reach our members, military and viewers around the country in a whole new way,” said ADC’s CEO Tim Ford.

Ford, along with COO Matt Borron and Board President Joe Driskill guided viewers through a variety of segments that included community news, an in-depth overview of the military’s participation in the United States’ vaccination effort against COVID-19, policy interviews on climate change, and interviews with base commanders around the country.

Aaron Mehta, senior Pentagon correspondent at Defense News, provided an overview of upcoming Pentagon appointments, and issues that could stall the nominee for DoD undersecretary of policy, Colin Kahl.

“Jim Inhofe, ranking member and chief Republican of the Senate Armed Services committee announced he would not be supporting Kahl, which is a sign that no Republicans will support him,” said Mehta. Recently, Republicans have attacked Kahl based on past “disrespectful” and partisan tweets.

Todd Harrison, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, provided insight into the Biden Administration’s budget timeline.

“Right now they are tracking for a deadline of May 3rd,” said Harrison. Furthermore, he said that DoD is still “working through” many of the budget issues in the FY22 budget. “Things that were put in by the outgoing administration that they may want to unwind, as well as high-priority issues they want to get into that first budget.”

A national event that was highlighted by ADC Live was the recent winter storm that had an immense impact on the south, particularly Texas. Jason A. Wesbrock, garrison commander at Fort Hood provided a detailed overview of how the Texas installation has recovered from the storm.

In particular Wesbrock said that most of the installations facilities and services are back-up and running, with a full base recovery expected by June. Interestingly, Wesbrock noted that “utility privatization saved us,” and that the installation’s renovated barracks held up “exceptionally well” to the winter storm.

ADC members will have the ability to view the recording of ADC Live on its website. The next episode of ADC Live will air on March 24th at 3pm.