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Here are some other highlights.

  • Politico Senior National Correspondent Bryan Bender discussed how the aerospace and military industry are viewing the Biden administration. “I think it’s clear the Trump buildup is over,” Bender said, referring to the defense budget, which he said “is going to get squeezed” as the new administration looks to reprioritize spending and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. He predicted defense spending levels will likely stay at their current level and may not even adjust for inflation in coming years.
  • “The interesting thing to me will be seeing where that money goes, as opposed to how much the topline is,” said Eric Fanning, president and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association, noting that a flat budget “erodes purchase power over time.” Fanning also said he is watching to see how the Pentagon invests in climate change solutions.
  • Karen Holt, federal installation administrator at Maryland’s Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor, said that like many military communities, Harford County and Aberdeen Proving Ground are tracking the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and monitoring some people’s hesitancy to get the vaccine, including resistance among some service members. “With a large DOD civilian population, our greater concern is that the defense community itself is taking advantage of that vaccine. It certainly has an impact on military readiness,” said Holt, an ADC board member and the episode’s co-host.

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