A new screening system implemented at the Pentagon will continuously vet DOD employees with security clearances instead of reviewing them at five- or 10-year intervals, according to a Tuesday press release.

Under the new system, the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency will automatically scan government and private sector databases for indications of potential issues or suspicious or criminal activity.

“We developed that in order to provide that initial version of continuous vetting, focusing on high-value data sources through automated record checks,” said Heather Green, assistant director of vetting risk operations for DCSA. “Those continuous record checks that are turned on right now mean that issues of potential risk to an individual’s trustworthiness that may have taken years to discover in the past are now identified and addressed in very near real-time data,” Green said.

Future iterations of the new review process may include social media monitoring, DOD said.

Army photo by Pfc. Bradley McKinley