A key part of the Marine Corps’ new efforts to modernize and mature its talent base is aligning Marines’ assignments with their interests and specialties. That may mean some of them can stay put longer without as many moves around the country, especially as leaders gather more data about each Marine’s interests.

“If you’re happier in your assignment… something you’re actually best suited for and would be happier doing, that’s going to help our retention efforts,” Maj. Gen. Jason Bohm told reporters Monday at Quantico, as Military.com reported.

That flexibility and personal choice will represent a new direction, including letting Marines choose between a career path or a commander path.

“If I give you options to look at, you have a choice,” said Lt. Gen. David Ottignon, deputy commandant for manpower and reserve affairs. “I think that’s what I would have liked to have had as a young officer.”

Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ashley D. Gomez