The House passed a $1.5 trillion omnibus bill late Wednesday to fund the government for the current fiscal year. The bill includes a defense spending boost even beyond what was authorized in the NDAA.

According to media reports and an Appropriations Committee fact sheet, items in the package include:

  • $782.5 billion for defense and national security, about 6% more than the President requested
  • $13.6 billion for Ukraine aid, including weapons transfers and U.S. troop deployments to the areas around Ukraine
  • A 2.7% service member pay raise
  • An additional $40 million for the Defense Community Infrastructure Program
  • $210 million for PFOS/PFOA cleanup
  • $15 million for study and assessment of health implications of PFOS/PFOA contamination in drinking water
  • $75 million for noise mitigation tools for communities
  • $26.7 billion to procure 13 Navy ships, $4.1 billion more than the President’s request
  • $30.7 billion for depot maintenance
  • $150 million to drain the Red Hill fuel tanks in Hawaii

The measure also includes a short-term continuing resolution that gives the Senate and President Biden until Tuesday night to get the bill into law.

Army National Guard photo by Capt. Brendan Cassidy