The U.S. currently has an edge over its rival nations in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, but it needs to maintain that edge, tech industry leaders told Congress this week, as Defense News reported.

“We are ahead. We’re losing ground,” Andrew Moore, director of Google Cloud AI, told a Senate Armed Services cyber subcommittee this week. “I’m most worried about our structures. Bringing in massive-scale, superhuman automation means changing organizational structures and change management.”

Microsoft’s chief scientific officer had similar advice.

“The U.S. is leading in science, at the core principles and the creative applications, from my point of view,” Eric Horvitz said. “That said, these days technical advances spread around the world like lightning.”

Horvitz also said there’s a need to “get our hands dirty and work hard and then share ideas, insights, across the sectors.”

Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Kenny Gomez