The Army is starting two pilot programs next month at Fort Jackson, South Carolina to prepare new recruits who don’t meet its fitness or academic standards, as and other outlets reported.

New recruits who are above body fat standards by as much as 6% can enter an exercise and dietary training program for up to 90 days. If they can get to 2% above Army standards, they can move on to basic training.

An academic training program will give those with low Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test scores up to 90 days to achieve those test results to move on to basic training.

“The young men and women who will participate in this pilot have the desire to improve themselves and want to honorably serve their country,” Gen. Paul Funk II, the commanding general of Training and Doctrine Command, said. “[It’s] a great way to increase opportunities for them to serve without sacrificing the quality needed across our force.”

Recruitment struggles have hit the military services hard, with the Army having the most difficulty enlisting new members.

Army photo by Kelly Morris