It would cost more than $21 million to change the names of nine installations currently named for Confederate leaders, according to the Naming Commission’s recommendations delivered to Congress Monday. Congress had tasked the commission with identifying Confederacy-linked bases and suggesting new names.

As Stars and Stripes reported, the costs for changing installation names are:

  • Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia to Fort Walker, $2 million
  • Fort Benning, Georgia to Fort Moore, $4.9 million
  • Fort Bragg, North Carolina to Fort Liberty, $6.3 million
  • Fort Gordon, Georgia to Fort Eisenhower, $580,000
  • Fort Hood, Texas to Fort Cavazos, $1.5 million
  • Fort Lee, Virginia to Fort Gregg-Adams, $2.4 million
  • Fort Pickett, Virginia to Fort Barfoot, $322,900
  • Fort Polk, Louisiana to Fort Johnson, $1.4 million
  • Fort Rucker, Alabama to Fort Novosel, $1.5 million

The commission plans to give Congress two more parts of its report by Oct. 1. One will recommend name changes at the Military Academy and the Naval Academy. The final document will address other “assets” with Confederacy-linked names, such as streets and buildings at installations around the world.

Congress will decide whether to accept the commission’s recommendations.

Army photo by Jefferson Wolfe