The Army is developing a new medal for soldiers who convince someone to join the Army, reported. It’s part of a push to encourage soldiers to help “tell the Army story,” as Army leaders like to say.

Last year the Army only recruited about 45,000 new soldiers, missing its goal of 60,000. Its goal for the new year is 65,000.

“Service in the Army is not actually a limiter, it’s not going to hold you back from your hopes, dreams, plans,” Col. John Horning, director of marketing strategy for the Army Enterprise Marketing Office, told “[Service] may, in fact, for many people, put hopes, dreams and plans on a little nitrous boost.”

The Army is also trying to reach a younger audience through its advertising on streaming platforms and in traditional media. In March it will bring back the classic “Be All You Can Be” slogan.

Army photo by Spc. Richard Carlisi