President Joe Biden on Wednesday officially ordered that DOD conduct a review of service members’ compensation, the routine Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation. This will be the 14th official review.

“We owe our service members our support and gratitude, and we recognize the sacrifices they make every day in support of our nation,” President Biden said in a public memo. “Further, our service members deserve a 21st century military compensation system that recognizes and rewards their contributions, reflects the values of our nation, and incentivizes the next generation of men and women to serve.”

The order gives DOD two years to extensively consider military compensation; the basic pay tables related to service members’ economic security; how military pay and benefits impact dual-income households, including spouse employment and child care; basic needs allowance; and what the White House statement describes as a “review [of] military compensation relative to anticipated future requirements in technology and other fields that are critical to the Department of Defense.”

Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Symira Bostic