Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told the Senate Armed Services Committee this week that it’s possible to replace the entire fleet of military vehicles with electric vehicles by 2030, as Fox News reported.

“I think we can get there,” Granholm said of President Biden’s goal, which was announced last week. “I do think that [we can reduce] our reliance on the volatility of globally traded fossil fuels, where we know that global events like the war in Ukraine can jack up prices for people back home.”

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) raised concerns about the cost. Biden said last week the military is spending “billions of dollars” to make the transition.

“I think energy security is achieved when we have homegrown, clean energy that is abundant like you see in Iowa,” Granholm said. “We think we can be a leader globally in how we have become energy-independent.”

Army photo by Nathan Clinebelle