The ongoing delay of hundreds of promotions of senior military officers by Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) is causing “crippling uncertainty” at the defense community level, ADC President Karen Holt wrote in an op-ed published Wednesday by Military Times.

Holt outlines the local challenges of the promotions backlog, including a leadership vacuum for some missions, delayed life planning for military families and an economic impact when officers are denied expected pay raises.

“In the short term, they aren’t able to fully support our local restaurants, retailers and other small businesses,” Holt wrote. “In the long term, they think about the predictability of jobs in the private sector and consider getting out.”

That one person is willing to hold up the careers of hundreds of service members to make a political point does not make the military an attractive option for potential recruits, she said.

“When men and women sign up to serve their fellow Americans, they trust that our nation will have their back just as they have ours. Defense community leaders and our neighbors work hard to support those military families, and we feel elected leaders should keep the same promise.”

Read Holt’s full op-ed.

ADC photo of Holt and Army Secretary Christine Wormuth by Will Noonan