Senate Republicans had what several members described as a “constructive” meeting Tuesday with Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) to find a way to end his months-long blockade of military promotions and nominations, now affecting around 400 service members. Tuberville said he left the meeting with “five or six” potential solutions, AP reported.

“I want to get this over with,” he also said, according to Alabama Political Reporter, but he still maintains DOD should reverse its policy to pay travel for service members who have to travel out of state for an abortion.

Meanwhile, The Senate Rules Committee is scheduled to meet Tuesday on a plan that would allow many of the promotions to be considered as a group, CQ reported.

Tuberville said this week on CNN that senior military leaders have large staffs in place and should delegate the way he did to assistants as Auburn University’s head coach.

“You got to lean on the people underneath you,” he said. “I coached for a long time – I think [I had] 15 or 20 coaches. I mean, you can only do so much. You got to give responsibility. I’m sure that’s what they’re doing,” Tuberville said.

AP photo by Jacquelyn Martin