The Senate Rules Committee is voting today on a change that would allow the Senate to consider a group of up to 350 military nominations and promotions. It’s a Democratic proposal to work around Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-Ala.)’s blanket hold in protest of DOD’s abortion access policy for service members.

NPR talked with Alabamans about the issue at a Montgomery Veterans Day event, noting that Montgomery was recently named one of ADC’s Great American Defense Communities.

An Army veteran said he was worried about morale, “because he’s holding up promotions for people that served in the military, and it’s hurting them. They dedicated their lives to serve this country, and he’s holding up their lives for something they had nothing to do with.”

The state’s Republican Party chair said many Alabamans support Tuberville’s hold.

“They understand that these holds do not actually prevent the jobs from getting done,” he told NPR. “It just prevents salary increases and more titles, so there’s not actually a heavy blowback.”

Senate video image via AP