ADC Board of Directors 2024 Call for Nominations

Please review the following information in detail before submitting your application. Nominations must be received no later than October 10, 2023, to be considered. Please contact Christina Renzetti at regarding the submission process.


As outlined in the organization bylaws, the Association of Defense Communities is governed by a fifteen (15) member Board of directors.  This Board is comprised of fourteen (14) elected Directors and the Past-President.  The bylaws also establish a nominating committee comprised of both Board members and members-at-large to create a slate for members to consider at the annual meeting. This current nomination process is for the election that will occur in early March 2024 in conjunction with the 2023 Defense Community Summit. All those elected to the seats in March 2024 will begin their three-year terms commencing immediately.

The nominations process is designed to attract applications from the best possible candidates for the ADC Board of Directors by establishing clear selection criteria and providing a transparent method for evaluating candidates. The ADC Nominations Committee’s process is based on a “strongest candidate” approach designed to find the best people possible to serve and support the organization. Our ideal candidates fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Community or state-level advocate;
  • Expert in installation management or redevelopment;
  • Leader in military-community partnerships; and/or
  • Knowledgeable about national military/defense policy issues.

ADC strives to achieve a Board of Directors that is representative of its members’ multiple constituencies, including base closure communities, states or active communities, and the for-profit private sector, with a goal that no less than two-thirds (2/3) of the Directors shall be representative of public sector constituencies.


For 2024, we anticipate six (6) director seats will be up for election. Five of the six director seats up for election next year are currently occupied by Board members who are eligible for a second three-year term.

At this time, the committee is planning for one (1) new Board member to be added to the Board in 2024. Based on the current Board composition and the overall needs of the organization, this position will likely be a public sector representative. There may be additional open seats – both public and private – that will be considered before the March 2024 annual meeting. All members who are interested and in good standing are encouraged to consider participating in the process.

The call-for-nomination process is open through October 10, 2023. Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The committee will identify candidates to be interviewed by October 17, 2023. Details regarding interviews are provided below. The committee will announce its final slate of candidates in early 2024.


The Nominations Committee will use the following criteria to select a slate of candidates for Board positions in 2024:

  • Membership Status and Involvement. You or your organization are a member in good standing. You or your organization have been an active member in ADC through direct involvement in volunteer activities as well as attendance and participation at ADC events;
  • Leadership Role. You currently serve in a role that supports defense community, installation management or installation redevelopment activities. You serve in a leadership capacity for your organization, and have held that position for at least two years;
  • Knowledge and Expertise. You have significant background and experience and are considered an expert in one or more of the following areas: (1) defense community or state-level advocacy; (2) installation management/redevelopment; (3) community/military partnerships; or (4) national military/defense policy;
  • Availability and Willingness to Serve. You are expecting to remain employed at the organization supporting your nomination for the next three years. You are capable of participating in and supporting travel for two or three in-person Board meetings annually, usually in conjunction with ADC conferences. You have no conflict of interest that would impact your role as a Board member; and
  • Value and Impact. You have specific ideas and energy that you will bring to the Board as it relates to ADC’s strategic goals.
  • Diversity. As an organization, ADC is striving to enhance the diversity of its leadership.  This includes race, gender, age, geography, military-service connections and past professional experience and background.


An important part of the nomination process is an in-person interview with the committee for selected candidates. Interviews for the 2024 process will take place during the 2023 Installation Innovation Forum in Orlando, November 6-8. Individuals interested in serving on the Board are strongly encouraged to attend this event. If you have questions about the process, please contact ADC.


Step 1:  Review the criteria, process and make sure your organization is in good standing.  To inquire about your membership status, please contact Christina Renzetti at

Step 2: Gather the information you need to complete the application.  The nomination form below will ask you to provide information about the following:

  • Your current and past positions and organizations
  • Your involvement in ADC
  • The value you will bring to ADC as a Board member
  • Your availability to serve as a Board member
  • The ideas you have for ADC going forward.

All answers have a word limit of around 450-500 words. The below form does not allow you to save and edit your responses if you leave the page before submitting. We suggest that you type your responses in another program and then copy and paste them into the below form when you are ready to submit your nomination.

Step 3: Complete the nomination application [link to form]  and submit it by email before 5 PM ET on October 10, 2023.  Please make sure you complete all sections of the application.  No additional information beyond the application is needed.  The committee does not accept letters or outside endorsements.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity further, please reach out to ADC’s CEO, Tim Ford at

The nomination period for the 2024 ADC Board of Directors has ended.