While national efforts and support are crucial, the quality of life for our military families is ultimately shaped within defense communities. Too often, discussions and decisions about important issues like housing, education, and childcare exclude the very groups most impacted – our military spouses and families. We believe spouses should have a seat at the table, with opportunities to become leaders and active participants in local decision-making that directly impacts their lives.

ADC’s Military Spouse Community Leadership Initiative aims to foster a new approach to defense community leadership by integrating military spouses at every stage of their military journey. This initiative is redefining the role of military spouse-leaders by creating opportunities for them to engage with communities at both local and national levels. Our goal is to establish a foundational model that can be developed nationally and scaled locally. Our vision is a future where spouse-leaders are fully integrated into the leadership of our communities and redefining how we support military quality of life.

2024-25 Spouse Nominations

Who should I nominate?

ADC members, military leaders, and past initiative participants should nominate military spouses who are looking to become deeply involved in their community and have a passion for service, leadership, and making a positive impact. These individuals should demonstrate exceptional dedication to supporting military and community families, advocating for defense community-related causes, and fostering a strong sense of community and resilience among those connected to the armed forces.

How does the program work?

A selection committee will review the nominations and select up to 12 spouses to participate in the annual program. Once identified, spouses will attend both of ADC’s annual events, Installation Innovation Forum and Defense Communities National Summit. Military spouses will also meet virtually and be connected with their local ADC members and installation leaders prior to the annual events. Working with our military partners and other stakeholders, ADC will develop an engagement plan that allows these military spouses to share their perspectives and innovative ideas. ADC and partner organizations will cover travel and lodging expenses.

Program Timeline

June 14

Nomination period opens.

July 31

Nomination period closes and selection committee will choose spouses to join the initiative.

August – October

New selection of spouses will meet virtually to discuss plans to attend ADC’s Installation Innovation Forum.

October 28 – 30

Spouses attend ADC’s Installation Innovation Forum in San Antionio, TX.


The Installation Innovation Forum After Action Report is created and shared.

December – March

Spouses will meet virtually to discuss plans to attend ADC’s Defense Communities National Summit.

March 31 – April 2

Spouses ADC’s Defense Communities National Summit in Arlington, VA.

April – May

The Defense Communities National Summit After Action Report is created and shared.


Janet Driggers

Service: Air Force
Current Duty Station: Joint Base San Antonio


A military spouse for nearly 30 years, Janet is deeply involved in her defense community. With time spent at 12 installations, Janet is very familiar with the joys and difficulties in adjusting to a new location. In her current community, Janet is heavily involved in her local Five & Thrive Team. As part of this team, she gives briefings to multiple base entities to include newcomer’s orientations and advocates for spouses by collaborating with a wide range of organizations – both on and off base.

Lauren Kimball

Service: Air Force
Current Duty Station: Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD


As military veteran and proud Air Force spouse, Lauren is active on base and in the community — most notably working with South Dakota civic leaders to unanimously pass state legislation supporting spouse reciprocity in 2019. Having recently moved back to Ellsworth AFB, she now serves as lead spouse, key spouse mentor for the 28th Operations Group and an advisor to The Ellsworth Spouses Club. She also works full time remotely as the Assistant Vice President for Community Investment and Analytics for United Way of the Midlands.

Maggie Maldonado

Service: Army
Current Duty Station: Schofield Barracks Hawaii


Currently stationed in Schofield Barracks Hawaii, Maggie has been a military spouse for 13 years and has called five installations home. Maggie is a mom to three school age children . As a member of the Hui Spouses Club, Maggie is focused on quality of life for the Schofield and local community and the promotion of community spirit through the coordination of revenue-producing projects and events to finance community needs. Maggie also works as an intervention specialist at the local middle school on Wheeler Army Airfield. In this role, Maggie is able to use her background in School counseling and lived experience as a military spouse and mom to better advocate for her students and their families.

Laura Myer

Service: Army
Current Duty Station: Fort Drum, NY


Laura has been a military spouse for over 20 years. Currently stationed on the east coast, the Myer family has been served at a multitude of locations, both stateside and abroad. While moves are not without their difficulty, Laura describes them as rewarding, noting that these diverse experiences are deeply enriching for her children. In her current defense community, Laura is involved in programs that help welcome spouses to the installation and to military life.

Maria Quinn

Service: Air Force
Current Duty Station: Pentagon


Maria has served as a military spouse and active-duty officer for 15 years. She is active on the Department of the Air Force Women’s Initiative Team, in Space Spouses of the NCR, and in her local community – as a Sunday school teacher, baseball mom, and neighborhood party planner. Maria is currently assigned to Space Force Headquarters, where she provides strategic-level science and technology program management.

Courtney Flohr

Service: Army
Current Duty Station: Fort Cavazos


Courtney has been a military spouse for 14 years and is very dedicated to serving her community. She is involved with multiple organizations at Fort Cavazos, proudly serving as President of the Fort Cavazos Spouses’ Club, and is a regular volunteer at Fort Cavazos’ Operation Deploy Your Dress, Santa’s Workshop, the OTC SFRG, and am a member of the Meadows Elementary School PTA. She is also a peer group leader for REACH—a research study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin; the goal of this study is to gauge the effectiveness of how a curriculum-based, weekly, support group for military spouses can improve spouses’ quality of life, mental health, social support, self-care practices, and knowledge of health conditions impacting service members.

Vanessa Errico

Service: Army
Current Duty Station: Austin, TX


As a military spouse of 21 years, Vanessa has been stationed at four different bases. Throughout this time she has been involved in a number of organizations including University of Texas Veterans Spouse Network, Dress for Success, Hiring Our Heroes/Amplify, USAA-MilSpouse Fest, Second Service Foundation, and most recently working for Austin Community College to help veterans and military families in Central Texas.

Renee Woodworth

Service: Marine Corps
Current Duty Station: Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Renee has been a military spouse for 22 years, is the mother of three children ages 12, 17 and 18 and works as a registered nurse in a local community health clinic. She volunteers in a variety of organizations on base and regularly partners with MCCS on the development and utilization of programming for our military families. Additionally, Renee serves in her local community by coaching girls high school lacrosse and has spent several years volunteering with the Medical Reserve Corps.

Andra Reventlow

Service: Marine Corps
Current Duty Station: Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany


As a military spouse for over 30 years, Andra has called 10 installations home. Andra is involved in a variety of organizations within her community, including the local Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee, Military Spouses Club and more. She volunteers on base and hosts quarterly roundtable meetings with spouses to discuss issues families face on base and within their community.

Torry Beaven

Service: Marine Corps
Current Duty Station: Marine Corps Base Hawaii


Torry has been a military spouse for 25 years. During this time, she and her family have been stationed at over 10 installations. Throughout this time, she has participated in a variety of community organizations – both on and off base. For Torry, the most rewarding part of being a military spouse has been the places her family has seen, adventures they have had, and the people they have met. However, the frequent relocation isn’t without difficulty. Torry said the most challenging part of being a military spouse has been distance from family. For the past 21 years, Torry has been a homeschool educator.