Building Resilient Defense Communities

    This year, ADC held Defense Community Regional Forums across the country, educating stakeholders on the important issues facing military installations as well as the strategies available to local leaders that can create sustainable partnerships. ADC is accepting community applications to host 2016 regional forums!

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    DOD/Federal Energy & Water Forum

    Join us on December 16, 2015. The Forum will frame four of the biggest issues facing the Defense Department and other federal agencies in the area of the overall sustainability of federal assets: Energy Efficiency, Utilities Privatization, Renewables and Water/Wastewater/Stormwater Systems.

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    Installation Innovation Forum 2016

    IIF 2016 is moving to Charleston, SC, a top destination strategically located near half a dozen key defense installations from each of the services, with a proud military history that stretches back to the revolutionary war. Mark your calendar and make plans to be a part of Installation Innovation 2016.

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  • Pentagon’s FY’17 Budget Proposal Almost Ready for Prime Time

    Pentagon’s FY’17 Budget Proposal Almost Ready for Prime Time0

    Defense officials are putting the final touches on the department’s fiscal 2017 budget proposal, with all programmatic decisions having been completed, according to Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work. “We hope to have the whole thing locked by the 18th of December,” Work told reporters. After going to the Pentagon Comptroller’s Office, the request is due at the Office of Management and Budget on Jan. 5, reported Politico. The Obama administration is scheduled to submit the federal budget to Congress on Feb. 1. One major challenge of crafting the new budget was finding about $17 billion in savings from the department’s draft FY 2017 budget released this past February …

  • Walter Reed Transfer Could Take Place Next Spring

    Walter Reed Transfer Could Take Place Next Spring0

    The District of Columbia could take possession of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center as early as next spring, when the city and the Army are planning to close on the sale of the 66-acre portion of the property slated to be redeveloped into a mix of residential, office and retail space. The District will pay the Army $22.5 million and obtain the parcel through an economic development conveyance, under an agreement announced last week that does not include any revenue sharing, said Randall Clarke, the city’s LRA director. The first payment of $10 million will be due at closing and will come from the District’s coffers as well as the city’s master development team, said Jason Cross, LRA project manager. The balance will be due one year later …

  • Atlanta-Area Support Group Aims to Preserve Dobbins ARB

    Atlanta-Area Support Group Aims to Preserve Dobbins ARB0

    One of the primary missions of the local organization dedicated to promoting Dobbins Air Reserve Base, located about 20 miles northwest of Atlanta, is describing the significant role the installation plays in national security as well as in the region’s economy. “Most people in Washington think Dobbins Air Reserve Base is some little reserve base with five airplanes,” said David Connell, CEO of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce and an official with Team Dobbins. “It’s got 21 tenants. The runway can land any aircraft in the world. We’re the only [major] military installation in metro Atlanta …

  • GSA Initiative to Consolidate Federal Footprint, Boost Economic Development0

    The General Services Administration (GSA) will look for real estate deals that allow it to reduce the federal government’s footprint in downtown areas while promoting economic growth for communities, Director Denise Turner Roth said last week. “It’s really how we try to seek to leverage our footprint in communities and support the economic visions of those communities while getting the best value for our partner agencies,” said Roth, after returning from a three-city tour to promote the agency’s new Economic Catalyst Initiative …

  • More Automakers Expected to Take Advantage of Testing Facility at Former Concord Base0

    A handful of car companies are expected to start testing autonomous vehicles at the former Concord Naval Weapons Station in northern California after Honda recently reached an agreement with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) to use the base’s GoMentum Station. GoMentum Station, a research and testing hub for self-driving cars and “connected vehicles,” includes 20 miles of paved roads, including railroad crossings, parking lots, curved roadways, tunnels and streets laid out like a city grid. Nissan, Volkswagen-Audi, BMW, Peugeot, Renault and Tesla are considering obtaining one of four remaining licenses to use the facility …

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    360 wishes all of its readers a happy Thanksgiving! Look for the next issue on Monday, Nov. 30.

  • Appropriators Continue to Work toward Dec. 11 Deadline for Omnibus

    Appropriators Continue to Work toward Dec. 11 Deadline for Omnibus0

    Appropriators continue to hash out the differences between House and Senate versions of each of the 12 fiscal 2016 spending bills as they aim to beat the Dec. 11 deadline to pass a $1.1 trillion omnibus before the existing continuing resolution expires. Subcommittee-level talks are scheduled to finish soon, with unresolved issues over funding and language slated to be handed over to the full House and Senate Appropriations committees afterward. Committee leaders will need to release a bill text by the end of the first week in December to leave time for the two chambers to consider the omnibus …

  • Army Commission Considers Greater Integration of Active, Reserve Forces in Aviation Units0

    The commission evaluating the structure and size of the Army is considering the possibility of multi-component aviation units that include both regular Army and reserve personnel, partly as a way to embrace the “Total Army” concept. The National Commission on the Future of the Army’s aviation subcommittee is studying the Army’s controversial plan to move the National Guard’s AH-64 Apache attack helicopters to the service’s active component. The subcommittee — led by Commissioner Robert Hale, the former DOD comptroller — is looking not just at force structure options but also at “organizational options,” including ways the Army could make greater use of multi-component units, Hale told Defense News …


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