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Behind every excellent defense installation is a city, county or region that provides exemplary commitment to supporting and honoring the service members and their families that call these communities their home.

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  • Air Force to Establish up to Two F-16 Training Units

    Air Force to Establish up to Two F-16 Training Units

    In a bid to alleviate a growing shortage of fighter pilots, the Air Force is establishing up to two interim F-16 training units at existing F-16 training locations, the service announced Thursday. Officials expect to select candidate locations by the end of the calendar year, reported Air Force Times. To expedite the process of standing up the training units, the service will temporarily move F-16 aircraft from Hill AFB, Utah, to two existing F-16 training locations, the Air Force said in a release. This approach will allow the Air Force to avoid conducting an exhaustive environmental review and other analyses that would be required if the service intended to permanently base formal training units …

  • Georgia House Committee Begins Statewide Review of Base Support Efforts

    Georgia House Committee Begins Statewide Review of Base Support Efforts

    A 15-member study committee formed by the Georgia House to help the state’s defense communities prepare for a future BRAC round met Wednesday in Warner Robins for the first of six hearings planned across the state. After community representatives for Robins Air Force Base and Moody AFB testified about the missions and economic impacts of the two bases, former Sen. Saxby Chambliss praised the Georgia lawmakers for taking action to safeguard the state’s military installations. He said he did not recall state legislators getting involved in the two rounds of base closure he experienced while in Congress …

  • ADC’s Fall Conference to Address Redevelopment Issues at Active, Closed Bases

    ADC’s Fall Conference to Address Redevelopment Issues at Active, Closed Bases

    ADC will hold its first Installation Reuse Forum in October to discuss redevelopment issues affecting both active and closed installations. Much of the three-day event, scheduled for Oct. 17-19 in Atlanta, will focus on topics common to both active and closed bases — primarily, how to return excess property and infrastructure to productive use. Communities and developers tasked with converting closed bases to residential, commercial and other uses face a unique economic development challenge — how to rejuvenate property burdened with antiquated infrastructure and contamination. The challenge is similar for communities with active installations where services are struggling to manage the increasing volume of vacant facilities, leaving base commanders with the task of finding new uses for those properties or spending scarce resources to maintain them …

  • Contamination Not Found in Neighborhood Wells outside of Former Brunswick NAS

    Tests of 27 private wells in a neighborhood just outside the southeastern border of the former Brunswick Naval Air Station, Maine, showed no evidence of harmful contamination by perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), a class of chemicals that has been linked to groundwater contamination at a number of active and closed bases across the country. The Navy previously discovered contaminated groundwater on several areas of the former air station. The contamination is believed to have been caused by decades of use of firefighting foam …

  • Ft. Stewart Opens Sports Facilities to Public

    Ft. Stewart Opens Sports Facilities to Public

    Beginning next week, shooting sports facilities at Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia will be open to the general public. At Fort Stewart, paintball facilities along with skeet/trap, archery, and rifle and pistol ranges will be available; at Hunter Army Airfield, paintball facilities will be open. Fort Stewart’s facilities are located just outside the post’s security gates. Hunter’s skeet/trap range, though, is located within its gates. Civilians who do not have government-issued identification cards already are permitted to use golf courses at the two locations, along with Stewart’s bowling lanes and Club Stewart …

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