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California plays a central role in America’s defense.

Our state provides unique, mission-critical capabilities for the military that must be preserved and strengthened if America is to maintain its position of leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Home to the world’s most valuable network of air, sea and land ranges, California’s military installations have prepared generations of American service members for conflicts around the world and provide a critical staging ground for current actions.

The state’s defense infrastructure also provides the essential ingredients necessary to transform and strengthen national military power for the new century. California offers the best combination of technology, industry, and academia in support of today’s military needs and the future. In addition to the Naval Postgraduate School, seven of the top 25 research universities are in California, and they all provide critical contributions to national security. America’s best-trained and most-experienced aerospace and technology workforce lives and works here and we as a state recognize that the past few years have highlighted critical issues here that are common across the bases, communities and workforce that require prompt attention to reinforce these valuable defense networks.

The Fifth All California Defense Leadership Summit is a convening of installation support organizations, installation and operational commanders, decision and policy makers throughout California to share challenges and solutions to base issues throughout the state

Some Topics Covered:


  • Defense spending in the US and CA
  • Emerging Military Legislative Themes in California
  • Best Practices for Military Civilian Support Organizations (Connecting with State and DoD Officials)
  • Veterans Affairs in the State and Nation
  • Opportunities in Military Housing
  • California Military Infrastructure and Encroachment Challenges
  • Space Force in California

Who Will You Hear From?


  • California Governor’s Military Council
  • California Defense Communities Alliance
  • Space Systems Command, US Space Force
  • Space Operations Command, US Space Force
  • Fort Irwin NTC
  • March Air Reserve Base
  • Silver Valley Unified School District
  • California Department of Veterans Affairs
  • United States Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission
  • California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research