The National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service will hold four hearings this week on selective service policy options, it said in a press release.
The hearings are scheduled Sept. 24 and 25 at Gallaudet University.
On the first day, the opening hearing will address the potential needs for a voluntary or compulsory draft mobilization. The second hearing will consider who will be needed to respond to national security emergencies, and how to integrate them into military organizations and structures.
The second day of hearings will explore arguments for and against expansion of selective service registration to all Americans.
The first hearing will address continuing to restrict registration to men only and the challenges of achieving compliance. The second hearing will address the potential need to extend future compulsory mobilization to include all Americans.
The hearings are considered timely as a Texas district court ruled earlier this year that an all-male military draft is no longer valid. Additionally, a New Jersey Federal District Court recently issued an opinion denying the government’s motion to dismiss a case involving women and the Selective Service System.
Navy photo by Burrell Parmer