In addition to the signing of an IGSA partner agreement between Northern Virginia and local military installations, Virginia Governor Governor Ralph Northam signed legislation on July 16 to expedite the state’s military spouse occupational and professional licensure process.

As reported in a previous On Base article, the primary focus of the IGSA is to provide funding for road maintenance supply and services.

Northam said the previous rules for obtaining professional certifications and license were too complex and often lead to the unemployment or underemployment of military spouses, according to a report by the Fort Lee Traveler.

“As an Army veteran and as a Virginian, I am committed to ensuring the commonwealth continues to provide an environment where our veterans and military families can thrive,” said Northam.

“This legislation will enable the spouses of the men and women who serve our country to maintain their professional licenses and continue their careers in Virginia with a streamlined and simple process.”

The bill is estimated to assist approximately 14,450 spouses who require a license to work in Virginia.

The event was hosted by the Virginia Military Advisory Council.

Photo courtesy of SIA Solutions