Here are some moments you may have missed Tuesday at day one of ADC Reconnect:

  • “The Navy is open for business,” Vice Admiral Yancy Lindsey, commander of Navy Installations Command, said. “I think we did a pretty darn good job” of navigating the pandemic, he added, acknowledging what a tough period it was for sailors and their families.
  • Lindsey also said addressing the threat of climate change is not a task for DOD alone. “We rely on the communities around us, so this conversation has to be all-in.”
  • BRAC is “unlikely” to occur during the Biden administration, the Heritage Foundation’s Frederico Bartels predicted, saying it isn’t politically feasible.
  • Just as Democrats were upset with President Trump for redirecting military funds to build portions of a southern border wall, many Republicans want to stop President Biden from redirecting money to support his priorities, said Mandy Smithberger, director of the Center for Defense Information for the Project on Government Oversight. “I think some in Congress want to take back control of the purse,” she said.
  • “In this year ahead, we want to retain the good things we learned” during the pandemic about how to operate as an association and individual communities, “and we want to leave behind some of the legacy thinking that might hold us back,” ADC President Bob Ross said.
  • “ADC is a partner with the building,” ODLCC Director Patrick O’Brien said, referring to the Pentagon. “Partnering is key to our success as a department.”

Check out the ADC Reconnect digital guide for a look at what’s coming Wednesday on ADC Reconnect day two.

ADC photo by Chris Duyos